Miscellaneous Stuff... 
Bad Astronomy List- The balancing egg and other myths exploded. Links to other 'junk science' resources. You didn't REALLY believe the bit about balancing an egg at the equinox, did you? 
Prarie Astronomy Club- A first-class group of dedicated amateur astronomers, the Prarie Astronomy Club hosts the Nebraska Star Party, reputed to be some of the finest viewing available in the United States. 
Dr. Laura Schlessinger- Dr. Laura hosts the fastest growing radio talk show in America. You will love her, or hate her, but she will make you think. 
Internet Nebraska- My ISP.  A great group who has been around the Internet for a while.  Check them out!  Local ISP's need YOUR support! 
Hyde Memorial Observatory- Lincoln, NE, has an excellent public observatory on the grounds of Holmes Park. It is staffed by volunteer members of the Prarie Astronomy Club. Admission is free, although donations are encouraged. 
Cornhusker Council Scouting- Information from the Cornhusker Council B.S.A. 
System Optimization Page- A good technical page - information on system BIOS, tweaking, overclocking, benchmarks and various hardware guides and manufacturer's links. 
The Hand-Me-Down PC- PC information from Morris Rosenthal, the guy on Nightline's computer repair segment 8/11/97. This guy knows his stuff! Recommended reading for any computer user. 
Microchannel Enthusiast's Page- From Germany, Peter Wendt's superb Microchannel reference pages. Peter has an always growing ADF file collection, a picture index of many MCA cards, hints and tips, PS/2 information, and links to other MCA resources. Peter is one of the most knowledgable PS/2 gurus that I have run across, and he is a true gentleman, always willing to help with a problem. If you own an IBM PS/2, you NEED to bookmark this page! 
Su's Microchannel Linux page- Trying to install Linux on a PS/2? Look here! All this, and she can cook, too... 
Tom's Hardware Guide- Lots of hardware, system performance, and overclocking info, for people who like to push the envelope. NEW ITEM! Read how Intel exploits a bug in Windows 95 to inflate benchmark readings for Busmaster IDE drivers! 
The page formerly known as INTEL Secrets- The page INTEL doesn't want you to see. 
F.C.C. Equipment Authorization Database- Search by F.C.C. ID number, equipment class or type, F.C.C. rules part number, or frequency band. Find out just who _really_ manufactured that bizzarre peice of hardware you have. 
Amateur Radio 
Drake Amateur Radio Club- Drake - the best radios made 
Matt's Amateur Radio Page- Don't let the fact that I know this guy keep you from checking out his page... 
AMSAT- Amateur Radio Satellite Corporation - satellites put up by and for ham radio operators. 
SDMS Inc. Web Design Services 
Roper and Sons- A very tastefully done page for a Lincoln, NE, funeral home. 
SDMS Incorporated- Of course, we designed our own web page. We specialize in small business accounting systems, and we also offer the Salon Manager software for beauty salons. 
Sci-Fi Links 
Babylon 5 - The Lurker's Guide- In-depth episode synopses, and much more. 
Babylon 5- My favorite TV show. 
The Outer Limits- The 60's classic is back, with new episodes and stories. Usually depressing, sometimes full of plot holes, but generally well done. 
Poltergeist: The Legacy- Cool spook show, like 'Ghost Busters' without the comedy. Watch the nasties blow up the good guy's computers. Hi tech meets 'Dark Shadows'. 
From a tech manual 
Jim's Links 
NU0C's Ham Shack 
NU0C's QSL cards 
Family and Misc. Pictures 
Equipment for Sale 
Lancaster County, NE Storm Spotter's Map