These are binary image files of some of the more sought-after late revision PS/2 Microchannel ROMs, suitable for use with most EPROM programmers. They are provided as is, without any guarantee or warranty of any kind; use at your own risk.  All files are compressed with PKZIP 2.04G.

61G2976 65,536 Microcode 61G2977 Revision 0026, 1993, for PS/2 Caching SCSI controller. 27C512
92F2244 32,768 BIOS 92F2246, 1991, for PS/2 Caching SCSI controller.  Needs 92F2245 also.  27C256
92F2245 32,768 BIOS 92F2247, 1991, for PS/2 Caching SCSI controller.  Needs 92F2244 also.  27C256
FD700M77 8,192 IBM BIOS v1.01 for Future Domain MCS-700 card used in PS/2 Model 77s.  27C64
MCS700.361 8,192 Future Domain MCS700 v3.61.  27C64
25H3518 16,384 IBM LAN Adapter/a For Ethernet (Sonic-T chipset) v2.2.  27C128
52G9509 131,072 Model 90/95xp 486 Type 1 Processor Complex
41G9361 131,072 Model 90/95xp 486 Type 2 Processor Complex, courtesy of Tim Clarke.
04G3759 16,384 IBM ESDI Attachment ECA Microcode
SVGA141.ROM 32,768 IBM Cirrus 5428 1 MB short SVGA/A BIOS v1.41.  27C256 32-pin PLCC
CL28 32,768 Japanese IBM 5428 SVGA/A BIOS v1.41.  2 MB Capable?  Thanks to T. Sunagawa.